Work + Rest + Play

Dance should be fun and class should be the best part of your day. It is for us.

It’s our life and we can’t wait for you to come and see what we’re all about.

What makes us so different?

At PLAY we have our very own way of doing things. We have gained a lot of experience over the years and strive to think of new ways to improve our studio constantly.

Here are the four main things that set us a part:

1. We have the perfect balance of hard work and fun.

Our students know that outside the classroom we are family. We care about all of our students like big sisters and are extremely encouraging and supportive. But in the classroom, it is a class. Parents expect results and we expect the kids to work hard. And they do. And they have an absolute ball because hard work, boundaries, expectations and goals to students are actually really important. They can see very quickly in themselves that if they work hard, they will improve out of sight.

2. Relationships + Communication = Everything

We make a huge effort to get to know all of the students individually as well as develop relationships with their parents, to ensure communication lines are open, and everyone is on the same page. 9 times out of 10 parents are on the same page as us, and trust us as teachers to ensure we get the best results for their child. When they aren't, we encourage them to find a studio more suited to what they want and the level of commitment their child is willing to put in. It is so important to us to understand our students as people, especially through their teenage years so we can help them become the best people they can be, in and out of the classroom.

3. We have an open door policy.

We actually LIKE our parents watching classes. We feel that shutting parents out of a studio is counter productive. If the student is too shy to dance in front of their own parents, they need to get out of that habit quickly so their confidence grows and they are ready to get out there and perform in public.

Parents are a vital part of a childs development as a dancer and performer. We encourage parents to listen to feedback, film the routines and get to know the instructors so they can play an active role in their childs improvement as a dancer.

We also love glass, so parents can choose to still watch the class without being in the room if they want to encourage their child to be independent and that is what their child needs.

4. We don't believe in mirrors.

Through the development of PLAY we actually, by default, had no mirrors. We found that this actually helped the children to focus, learn and improve quicker. We did a lot of research in this area and that, paired up with our own experience made the decision that the studios wouldn't have mirrors quite easy. When we moved into our own premises, we didn't install them. And it has worked for all of our classes, especially our Crews. If you don't believe us, check the trophy cabinet.

These 4 things are some of the first things that notice about PLAY when they join. There are so many other things that set us a part, but to find those out, you will have to come and see for yourself.

Meet Us

“Basically, we just love what we do.”

PLAY - The Dance Agency was started in June 2011 as we felt there was a gap in the market for a studio like PLAY.

PLAY is currently being run by Cassie Gillis, with the assistance of an amazing team of energetic, talented and creative group of dedicated and enthusiastic teachers.

After just over a year spent in a school gymnasium in Dickson, PLAY needed to get it's own premises as we were in high demand for classes. In October 2012 we built and moved into our own "PLAYHOUSE" in Mitchell. Mitchell was an ideal location for us as it is central for majority of our students and the schools they attend. After competing in many eisteddfods, competitions and events over the last 3 years, PLAY has really stood out as a leader in the Canberra dance scene. We have lost track of the competitions we have won and continue to strive for excellence within our studio.

We really believe that with hard work and dedication, the rewards are endless. Now don't let the name PLAY deceive you. We believe that dance should be fun, and for us and many of our students, it really does take up the PLAY area of their life. But we work hard. And so do our students. Very hard.

Our expectations are high and we are constantly getting our students to new levels, that even surprise them. We like to push the boundaries and find new, innovative ways of teaching and choreographing and getting our students to be the best dancers they can be. We love the kids we teach, we love the relationships we have with many of the parents, we love our studio, we love to perform and surprise people everywhere we go with our innovation and skill.

Basically, we just love what we do.


PLAY - The Talent Agency is run by Cassie Gillis and has seen many PLAY students and people from the PLAY community appear in numerous TV, print + online media campaigns.

The Agency works with production companies and advertising agencies on providing the best talent to suit their campaign.

To check out our PLAY talent contact Cassie on 0417 442 750 or

Please see to the right some of the projects (videos) we have provided talent for recently.




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